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I like coffee, tv, movies, comics, baking, + books • I watch charmed, castle, supernatural, buffy, angel, dollhouse, firefly, himym, smallville, tvd, true blood, sabrina, the mentalist, hercules, melissa & joey, chuck, tbbt, star trek, lost, criminal minds, arrow, grimm, singin' in the rain, scream, serenity, the mummy, the philadelphia story, the wizard of oz, lord of the rings, disney, breakfast club + harry potter • I stalk scarlett johansson, dwayne johnson, nathan fillion, leonardo dicaprio + melissa joan hart

this is a personal blog, which means i post what i want, when i want - this includes, but is not limited to: spoilers, fitspo, personal notes and mass amounts of attractive celebrities
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This is the greatest pastry ever #patisseriedusoleil #cinnamon #blueberry #cranberry #omgsofreakengood

posted 1 day ago

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This movie has an AWESOME soundtrack #transformers #optimusprime #autobots #decepticons #galvatron #1986

posted 1 day ago

tagged: 1986 transformers autobots optimusprime galvatron decepticons 

Deciding between @ksorbs & @RealLucyLawless is terribly difficult ⚔ #hercules #xena #kevinsorbo #lucylawless #legendaryisright

posted 1 day ago

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She has the prettiest face #meow #cat #seriouslythoughlookather

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Oh hey, 1998! I missed you. #DawsonsCreek #JamesVanDerBeek #JoshuaJackson #tv

posted 3 days ago

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I love when my book orders are at home waiting for me #timburton #jackskellington #thepumpkinking #thenightmarebeforechristmas

posted 1 week ago

tagged: thepumpkinking timburton jackskellington thenightmarebeforechristmas 
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Inspired by this post x

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Whedonverse Appreciation | Zoe Washburne

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